“Dr. Ron Oberstein and the Power Zone have been a key component in the steady and consistent growth of my practice through all of its phases; from opening my doors to getting married, and having 2 children. Through the growth of the practice and my life Dr. Ron has been there to support me through the basics of practice and hiring staff and associate doctors. The Power Zone continues to be a key element in the success and balance of my practice, my marriage, motherhood, and me. I am doing work I love and I continue to be rewarded financially and emotionally. I sincerely appreciate the steadfast support of the Power Zone and Dr. Ron Oberstein!”
-Dr. Wendy Lanser
Sunnyvale, CA

“I have been practicing for 16 years. 2 1/2 years ago I started a new practice in a new town. I hired Dr. Ron before I opened this new practice, and implemented The Power Zone systems. Our Services and Collections went through the roof! Over $1,000,000 in Services and Collections!!! I just had the most successful year of my career! I have the most balance in my life, the best trained TEAM, and the most efficient systems. I am having the most fun in my career!! The Power Zone is GREAT! I highly recommend The Power Zone for any level of practice.”
-Dr. Aaron Gillespie
Washougal, WA


“The Power Zone program has been an incredible experience for both me and my office manager. The weekly Training Tele-Classes are absolutely extraordinary and nothing like I have experienced before. We always learn something new that we can use as a TEAM in practice to keep us on purpose with the right head space, as well as things to grow on in our personal lives. Dr. Ron and Riley are great people to work with. They have products and tools, and coaching that can benefit any ChiropracTOR. They are there for you when in need and I just can’t say enough great things about them. I just wish I had met them years ago instead of just recently. As the old saying goes “Better Late, Than Never”. It’s great to be in THE ZONE!!”
-Dr. Christopher Colgin
Foster City, CA




“Dr. Ron is on fire and so on purpose!! Great ideas, high tech innovations and concepts that big business uses on the American consumer…applied to Chiropractic!!”
-Dr. Kirby Perrault
Okemos, MI



“My experience with the Power Zone has been nothing but POSITIVE! I feel that the Power Zone has helped me continue my journey of chiropractic excellence. I am better now at showing patients objectively why they need care and helping with the decision to move into a life enhancing chiropractic experience. I already had a family wellness based practice, but it has done nothing but improve since I joined the Power Zone!! The Seminars, Coaching, Tele-Classes, and Resources offered have been an enormous benefit to me and my Team. Our Office is now excited about where we are headed! All great people have a mentor or a coach of some sort because they understand, by following directions and doing what they are taught, they can become greater than they could on their own. Why not aspire to be great!?! Join a dynamic coaching team…The Power Zone!”
-Dr. Rod Dahlinger
Monroe, WA


“There are so many things that happen on day to day basis in the office. The weekly Power Zone Training Tele-classes, and Seminars have helped me learn how to handle from the very 1st patient phone call to the re-exam!!! Thank you so much for keeping me and my practice in line.”
-Dr. Jason Shumard
San Diego, CA



“Dr. Ron and The Power Zone have been a phenomenal influence in my personal and professional life. Balance, fun, love, prosperity, and a great excitement of Chiropractic are only a few of the many benefits from the Personal Coaching, Seminars, Weekly Tele-Classes, and Products! Thank you Dr. Ron and The Power Zone…”
-Dr. James Jones
Port Orchard, WA


“The Power Zone is truly a life changing experience! There is an abundance of success tools, from Training Tele-classes for both Doctors and Team Members, Educational Kits for office development, as well as Personal Coaching to help Chiropractors succeed and reach their goals. I have been able to practice without stress, spend much more time with my family and achieve my goals by utilizing the tools given. I encourage all Chiropractors to check out The Power Zone because it is such an awesome program!”
-Dr. David Hendrickson
Tacoma, WA


When talking about the Power Zone it seems that the word "Balance" always comes up. For me Balance is the KEY in life. Dr. Ron not only strives to help you balance all aspects of practice but also your personal life. Seeing my practice double and collections double was great but most importantly it was done the RIGHT way, with no sacrifices to the personal life. My staff is happier due to the team training's, success seminars and bonus programs. My marriage is at its best 9 years and going strong. If it's the "Whole Package" that you are looking for, STEP INTO THE ZONE.
-Dr. Scott Moon
Kingman, AZ

I began attending the Power Zone Programs prior to opening my office and through the principles and procedures Dr. Ron teaches, I have achieved a high volume office full of life and abundance. We continually break our goals while serving up the BIG VISION of chiropractic. I highly recommend Dr. Ron Oberstein and the Power Zone to anyone who is serious about becoming successful Thanks Dr. Ron!
- Dr. Paul Reed
Vancouver, Washington

The Power Zone is chiropractic at it's finest. Dr. Ron has helped my life and my practice from the inside-out. I have learned not only how to manifest success in my professional life, but also in my personal life. Thank you Dr. Ron for bringing harmony and balance into my life and practice!
- Dr. Laura Peterson
Folsom, California


We have been attending the Power Zones and been involved in the PIF since 1998, and Dr. Ron has always blown away our expectations! He presents the chiropractic lifestyle - balance in serving, business, family, and self. Without regurgitating old practice management paradigms to sell chiropractic, Dr. Ron empowers the DC to BE the paradigm of the future.
- Drs. Dave and Nicole Conragan
Campbell, California


The healing began when I attended my first Power Zone, and subsequently joined the PIF. I regained my balance and spirit, and my practice has never been so rewarding and fun! My family and I thank you Dr. Ron.
- Dr. Greg and Mavis Blanchfill
Yoncolla, Oregon


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