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Health Talk Chart Set - $295.90

The #1 cause of follow through in the Chiropractic office is education. The Power Zone's "Health Talk Chart Set" will allow you to give the greatest, most informative 30-45 minute talk to your patients and prospective new patients. Experts tell us that 83% of what we learn is visual, while 11% of learning is audible. Our R&D team took this into consideration when we designed the Health Talk Chart Set. Each chart is designed to go with each other or stand alone, thus allowing you to follow the set or customize your talk. When was the last time your patients had 30-45 minutes of your time listening to you explain what Chiropractic is, how it works, and how their body heals, while at the same time being educated through the visual pathways!! If you currently give a Health Class, or are interested in starting one, The Power Zone "Health Talk Chart Set" is the perfect tool to enhance your presentation. Order yours today!!

Each Health Talk Chart Set comes with 8 Posters, and a cassette tape of Dr. Ron Oberstein delivering his "Health Talk" live to his patients.


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