About Riley…

Riley's extensive background includes over 20 years in chiropractic, healthcare and military environments. She has developed, trained, and managed successful, goal-oriented teams, producing multi-million dollar offices!
In 1982 Riley was awarded a nursing scholarship from Delta College in Michigan. After her nursing studies, she joined the United States Air Force in 1984 where she began her healthcare career at Carswell Regional Hospital in Texas. She is especially proud to have served her country during the Desert Storm War in 1990-1991.
During her 13 years in Medical Staffing, Riley worked every position within a branch office including having had total responsibility for operations and management. In addition, she has also worked as a Corporate Training Director. Riley has an exceptional ability to organize, train, and lead. She has worked and lived all over the United States!
In 1997 Riley’s Chiropractic career began, working for The Power Zone and Dr. Ron Oberstein, where she has had the privilege to serve many, many Chiropractors and their teams.
Riley’s passion has always been healthcare with Chiropractic being her true love. She brings a wonderful energy to her work along with a tremendous ability to organize and get things done. She works with many chiropractors and their teams on the phone, helping them feel part of the Power Zone community.
Riley has taught many CA’s the fine art of communicating effectively with their doctors, team members, and patients. Along with refining their work skills within their respective positions, many of these CA’s have become the beacons of their office and have made the choice to have Chiropractic as their career.
Riley believes "there is a special peacefulness that comes with being a part of the Chiropractic Community....one of loving and serving.....everyone. You cannot beat it!”









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