Testimonial From Dr. John Duppenthaler

"I have been a member of the P.I.F. for 3 years. In that time, my practice goals have all been met or exceeded. But more importantly, my passion for family, service, and life has been enhanced. The balance in life has been restored, allowing me to be a better husband, father, chiropractor, and friend. Thanks Ron for everything!"

Testimonial From Piper Pluckhan (Wife of Dr. Brad Pluckhan, DC)

Thanks Dr. Ron for all you have done in our personal lives with your motivating and positive influence. The conference in San Diego really changed my life in terms of reinforcing my move to quit my job and join my husband in his new business/practice. Now I couldn't imagine it any other way!


Testimonial from Dr. Troy and Melissa Norris

The PZ and PIF have made an incredible impact on our family and practice for the past 5 years. Through Dr. Ron's mentoring, we are loving and serving more abundantly through the heart and our practice keeps on growing! Thanks Dr. Ron, your inspiration to our team and to us is invaluable!



One of the basic fundamentals of growing a successful practice is to understand the Laws of Abundance. What does your mind say when you are looking to purchase an item you want but are not sure you should have it? What happens when you have a great collection month and there is no money at the end of paying your bills? Learn more about the Laws of Abundance, read books on Abundance, and becoming one with the Laws will increase your office and your life!

















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