About Dr. Ron Oberstein…

Dr. Ron Oberstein is a dedicated chiropractor who's passion for spreading the chiropractic story to doctors and patients alike is unmatched. His message is one that helps his fellow chiropractors see beyond the day-to-day activities of running a practice to the real-world miracles that chiropractic brings.

Dr. Ron understands what a hugely successful practice is all about. His knowledgeable perspective allows him to truly offer chiropractors - those beginning a new practice, trying to save a struggling practice, and those who want greater success and freedom - a way to achieve their full potential and to experience success in a manner that is natural, balanced and flowing.

After graduating from Life Chiropractic College in 1981, Dr. Ron built one of the largest family practices in Southern California. After helping countless thousands of patients to better health, Dr. Ron realized that a fulfilling practice has everything to do with the love, commitment and passion that comes from discovering what he calls "The Power Zone."™ Like the healing power of chiropractic, The Power Zone makes inner growth possible.

So, in 1994 he started a one-day program entitled "The Power Zone." Dr. Ron's insight and ability to communicate has made this unique program a "must" for the doctor who wishes to master the art of practicing and grow an office team that works together by sharing the same vision.

To allow others to share more completely in the benefits made possible by a successful practice, he created a Power Zone Program™ program. Here chiropractors can learn first-hand from the successes of Dr. Ron and other impactful chiropractors, and grow their practices from the inside out with a new found expression.

Dr. Ron, and his wife Dr. Mary, practice together in San Diego, California. Their success in family and practice can be yours. All it takes is the willingness to start, and the first action is to "Step into the Power Zone."




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