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C.A. Trainings

Our C.A. Trainings are definitely the best around. When you have your C.A.'s spend 1-1/2 days with us, not only will they learn the process of how and why the front desk or insurance position runs, but as important, they will learn the WHY of what they do and the importance of their work to health and well being of the patient. A regular C.A. knows the procedures…..a SUPER C.A. knows the philosophy and the why of what they do. When you send your C.A. to our training, they will not come back the same. Their skills, certainty, excitement and commitment will be unchallenged. This training will be the best investment you ever made in your C.A. Call 800.569.7858 to find out the date and location of our next C.A. Training.

Student Power Zone Program

Our Student Power Zone Program is only for Students at Chiropractic College, along with their spouse or significant other. This 1-2 day program will inspire, educate, stimulate, and foster the science, art and philosophy within the student like no other program. Hear Super Successful Chiropractors from around the country share what made them successful, along with how you can start your success vision while in school. This dynamic program will enlighten and strengthen the hearts and minds of our professions future……the Chiropractic Student!!! Call 1.800.569.7958 to find out more information and how to register for our next Student Power Zone Program!!!!

The Power Zone's Women in Chiropractic Symposium

This one of a kind, all women weekend will foster the spirit, hearts and minds of the women involved within Chiropractic. Whether you are a women DC, Spouse, Significant Other, or Student, this program will touch on issues that face women in our profession day in and day out. Hear from women DC's and spouses who support the office in their family, while keeping the balance within their lives and their families. Where else can you go for 2 days, be surrounded by other women who love what you love, and grow within your heart and mind as a person and as someone involved in Chiropractic?? There is only one place….. The Power Zone's Women in Chiropractic Symposium!!! Call 800.569.7858 to find more information and register for our next Women in Chiropractic Symposium.

The Power Zones Success Programs

Each year, hundreds of D.C.'s and team members converge on San Diego to take part in one of the most important weekends their office could attend. The Success Programs are 2-1/2 days of intense, productive, and exciting strategic planning for the year to come. Done every November, the office that attends will leave with a binder that holds their strategic plan to grow their office to the level they set forth. During the 2-1/2 days of this program, each office will be together focusing on what they will produce in the coming year, and how they will produce it. Plans will be made, agendas will be laid out, responsibilities will be divided, and the wheels will be put into motion. This program has no fluff. It was designed to teach the Chiropractic office how to look at the big picture, and not to run their office week by week. Every major corporation has their years planned out in advance…and now this has come true within the Chiropractic profession. This is one program that will ensure the success of the office, and at the same time, bring the office members together to work toward one common goal….the growth of the office and the health of the community. Do not miss The Success Program…..it is one of a kind and pays dividends 10x over. Call 1.800.569.7858 to see if there is an opening in the next Success Program. It will be the wisest business decision you have made in a while!!

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